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Pollution is a silent killer. 
The invisible air particles cause 70,000 deaths every year
giving rise to lung cancer, stroke, heart diseases, lung diseases. Want to check the air quality of Mumbai
Click on the link below

Transportation sector is one of the major cause of negative environmental impacts as it is the major user of energy, burns most of the worlds petroleum and within the transportation sector, road transport is the largest contributor to global warming. Other environmental impacts of transportation include traffic congestion and urban sprawl. 

The rapid growth in private vehicles has lead to increased congestion problems in cities and well electric cars do eliminate carbon emission but the whole production part is not totally environmentally friendly.

Therefore after looking into the environmental aspect, I concluded on a problem that i would like to contribute too. That is "How public transport efficiency could be a major reason in reducing pollution, congestion and etc?"

And then I came up with my goal, i.e. to encourage millennials to use public transport and hence reduce negative environmental impact. So it was a behavioural problem that I wanted to solve.

So therefore to solve this problem I took M- indicator as my brand. Because it's is the second most downloaded app for navigation in Mumbai and my key areas of focus were reducing negative environmental impact, bringing in convince, reducing cost and time of travelling.

My target audience was divided into two groups.
That is 18-30 and 30-42 years based in Mumbai.

After taking some interviews and surveys. I came across some common problems people face using public transport in Mumbai. There are no proper indication of bus stops at places, Not having proper schedule, Over-crowding and there pickpocketing, Not being aware of other route options, No linkage between different mode of transport, Time management difficulties. Etc. 
I then started looking into how i can bring some conveniences to the travelers through my app.

Since I was taking M-indicator as my brand I also looked into problem people face while using the app. Static map, does not connect different mode of transports, To many things make the app over, Crowded and it is difficult to solve the mail goal, Alerts are eligible because its in All Caps, Taxi booking number is given but no automated booking, Can enter the bus stop/ station name but not exact location, people might be unaware of bus stops in that location, can't book tickets, Very complicated to use

I redesigned the App because first and the most important thing for people would be to able to navigate easily then there after, I decided to add carbon footprint tracker feature which would enable the user to know their carbon consumption from time to time. Then to create continuous motivation in people. I decided to add a feature where they could gain points based on there carbon footprint. Then these points they could use anywhere, even at some local store with your Google pay transaction to buy a bottle of water or chips or anything or on your next movie ticket purchase. I also then looked into the marketing and advertisement of the app.

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