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Ludhiana is a city nestled in the state of Punjab. The city solely produces 95% of India’s textile. Other than that it is also the hub of the world's 5th largest religion - Sikhism. The goal was to create a packing that is true to the rich cultural heritage of the city.


Ludhiana is well know for it wool therefore I have kept an authenticity in the packaging of the wool. The name "Sadda Una" means "My wool" in punjabi. A typographic style is used and I have taken inspiration from knitting patterns like 'A elongated stitch', 'Cable knitting', 'Plaited Stitch', 'The Cartridge Belt Rib stitch', 'Stockinette' and 'The Garter stitch knitting' and recreated the different types of stitching patterns are made to look like a typographic style of Gurmukhi script (Punjabi script). The script repeatedly says ' ਸਾਫਟ ਉੱਨ ' which means soft wool.

The types of stitching patterns done
in a typographic style for the packaging.

IMG_9289 copy.jpg
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